Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On the Shelves: October

Practical Life:  Dry Transferring and Pouring

Practical Life:  Wet Transferring and Pouring
October Math Game

October Cards and Counters variation.

Weaving lesson which looks like...

...this, when completed.

Then, each piece of ribbon is wrapped around the fingers and placed in this fun tray.


  1. Like the trays.I'm in love with your letter art cards,so artistic,would you please tell me where did you get them?

  2. Oh, goodness...I'm not remembering where I got these cards! I will check on the box at school tomorrow - maybe that will jog my memory!

  3. thanks Sasha.these cards are so colorful.

  4. Patty, I'm afraid I'll be of no help with the art cards! I looked on the box at school and they are made in Germany - Maybe I bought them from Wee Folk Gallery? I'm just not sure! I know I have seen them on The Wonder Years blog, I will check there to see if she has posted where to purchase them... Thanks, Sasha

  5. Patty, I have good news! Here is the link to the Alphabet Art Cards - they are from The Wooden Wagon: http://thewoodenwagon.com/woodentoy/grimms-toys/GSH40415.html
    I hope this helps!

  6. Wonderful activities, as usual, Sasha! I always look forward to seeing how you'll incorporate your current theme into your activities! I featured your post and weaving photo at http://livingmontessorinow.com/2011/10/06/montessori-inspired-pumpkin-unit/

  7. Thanks for your positive feedback, Deb. The children are really having a fun time with these activities in the classroom! I always appreciate your sharing of information and ideas!

  8. Great shelves, Sasha, very inspiring!

    Hello Olives and Pickles,

    I have not yet taken the plunge to buy these gorgeous alphabet cards, but I can tell you where to get them ... :-)

  9. Love your blog!! Great ideas and I love the beautiful alphabet art cards. I've just ordered a set for my classroom. We keep a blog for our classroom as well www.mapletreemontessori.blogspot.com

  10. I just did a weaving activity on my blog inspired by your weaving activity. I cited your blog on my post. http://www.jdaniel4smom.com/2011/10/readexplorelearn-bugtown-boogie.html