Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy Hands, Busy Minds...

"The hand is the instrument of the mind."  - Maria Montessori

Making a collage from our pin-pushing shapes - pumpkins.

Introduction to the Decimal System:  Golden Beads

Introduction to numbers 11-19:  Here, the child has learned 11, 12, and 13.

Creative, self-expression with chalk pastels.

Practical Life:  Tweezing plastic spiders, fine-motor development.

Golden Bead materials:  The children have counted out the nine units, nine tens, nine, hundres and one thousand.  Then, I asked them to bring me a certain quantitiy, i.e. three units, or five tens... on their tray.

This month, the children have been painting with the color orange.  Read this previous post about painting with one color.

Free-form shape and pattern exploration with pattern blocks.

A Montessori favorite (and necessity!):  Opening and Closing excersice.

Art Card Games:  Close Up.  The child matches a close up section of a famous piece of art to its full image.

Extension work with the Botany Cabinet:  Pin pushing the leaf shape, gluing onto paper, and writing its name.

Exploring concepts of geometry with the first box of Constructive Triangles.  Learn more about this material in this post.

Learning to fold with the Folding Cloths.

Practical Life:  Polishing Leather - I am always amazed how the children never tire of polsihing lessons...!  :-)

Three Part Cards:  Continents


  1. Your pin-pushing activity is so neat and inviting. It seems that your class is one big busy beehive ;-)
    What a variety of activities ;-)

    Have a beautiful week
    Hugs Ewa

  2. I fully agree with Ewa!:) I like your pin pushing activity and must do it with my boys too. Thank you for inspiration! You are great!:)


  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! Our classroom certainly has a distinguished hum of activity... I am enjoying watching the children becoming more comfortable and confident in their choices in the classroom. Pin pushing is definitely a popular activity! Thanks for reading!

  4. Sasha,

    I would love to check in with you about the possibility of having Pablo benefit from your program and me sharing my love for Spanish with the kids. I have been very busy so I haven't been able to get in touch with you about this. I was wondering if there is still space for Pablo in your school and if I can contribute by teaching Spanish. Christa

  5. Dear Sasha,
    I love looking at all your wonderful pictures! They are a terrific springboard to talk with Lilly about her activities during the day with you. She recognizes the pictures that involve her or other lessons she has participated with...
    Thank you:)

  6. Christa,
    Yes, yes, yes! I am looking forward to your visit to our school!

  7. Thank you, Stefanie. You have recognized one of the biggest reasons I share information on my blog!!! :) I am so happy that you are able to talk about the school day at home in more detail by looking at the pictures.