Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Where I Live" Booklets

Our "Where I Live" song has become a classroom favorite - the kids have even added their own, "Yeah!" after each verse complete with a pumped fist in the air for emphasis!  Adorable...  In any case, they have enjoyed the song so much, that I decided it might be an ideal time to introduce our first booklet making activity of the year.

Keeping in mind that my intention is to have all children be successful with this activity, I pre-made each booklet with corresponding words from the song, rather than have the children place the pages in order.  Next, I grouped together a set of matching pictures which the children are familiar with from the song's mini posters.  For the booklet, the pictures have simply been reduced and copied. 

I demonstrated this lesson at circle time before setting it up at a table in our language area.  We read the words together and I demonstrated how to identify and glue the matching picture onto the correct page.  When we got to the page which states the town where they live, I explained that each person might have a different name for their town.  I told them that when they come to read their booklet with a teacher after they have completed the lesson, the teacher can help remind them of their town's name and help to fill it in on the line in the book.  Lastly, for control of error, the pages of the booklet were placed in an easily visible area relative to where the lesson is set up at a table.

I hope some of these books will make it home so that families may enjoy reading the booklet together with their child!

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