Saturday, October 8, 2011

'Orange' You Glad It's October?!

The classroom was humming with excitement this week - the children were absolutely ecstatic over the "new" activities throughout the environment!  It is truly a wonder that a simple change of color for the water in the pouring lessons or a different tray can bring so much joy to the children.  Here are some snapshots from our classroom this week:

Cards and Counters variation - These pumpkins have been irresistible and consequently, many children  have been practicing recognition of quantity, number symbols, and odd/even numbers!

Gluing activity.
Using a water dropper to transfer orange colored water in suction cups...

Reading:  Three Part Cards - Farm Animals
Extension work with the Pink Tower:  Careful alignment of two edges.

Visual discrimination of size and preparation of hand for writing (pincer grasp) while working with two Cylinder Blocks.

Festive weaving!

Stringing beads to make bracelets.
Memory Game with the Second Color Tablet Box:  Here, the child has set up one Color Tablet from each pair on two separate tables.  Then, she paired them across the room at one of the tables.  I love this kind of memory game because it gets the children moving while enhancing their memory skills.

The Botany Cabinet was in use! 

Learning the continents with the Puzzle Map of the World - a seamless connection to our "Where I Live" song.

Number writing practice on the chalkboard.

Reading:  Three-Part Cards - Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

Observing Chinese Lanterns which a student so graciously shared from her garden!  Just beautiful...

A wonderful moment in our classroom:  The discovery of the Pink Tower and Brown Stair working together!  This exploration turned into...

...this!  I was so delighted the children discovered the connection between these materials.  It became an instant attraction during the work session and many children came to watch.


  1. I always love seeing your beautiful materials in use! I featured your post and the cards and counters photo in my DIY Cards and Counters post:

  2. Thank you Jessie and Deb! The Cards and Counters have been so popular in the classroom - always great to see them in use!