Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Collaborative Art - Short Bead Stair: Number Two

Earlier this school year, our class began a year long process of creating art collaborative art pieces based on the Montessori math material called the Short Bead Stair.  In this material, the numbers 1-9 are represented by specific colors that correspond with all other Montessori math lessons.  I invite you to read more about it in the post about our art project for the number one.  The following photos depict the process we used to create the art work for the number two which we completed this week:

First and second days - shades of green.

Third day:  beads, pom-poms, and straw pieces that have been cut to smaller bits.

Close up after day three - very fun!
Day four:  glue and glitter.
So much texture...

Number Two:  Short Bead Stair
Eventually, we will have each of the numbers represented by a collaborative art piece.  We plan to display them down a long hallway which we use on a daily basis to walk to and from our outdoor play area.  Won't it be fun to count forwards on the way out and backwards on the way in as we walk through the hall…?!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Back from the Break

This week was our first week back after the Thanksgiving break.  Often, I wonder how the children will respond in our classroom having been away for some time - What will they need reminders about? Will they remember their lessons?  The pictures from this week show me that I should not have been worried.  Clearly they remembered a lot and came back refreshed and ready to continue:

Sharpening a pencil during the Rainbow Letters writing practice activity.

Painting at the easel.

Labeling odd and even numbers with the Cards and Counters lesson.

Math Step Board:  matching numbers and placing them in sequence.

Fine motor development with Locks and Keys.

Making quantities with numbers and beads, 11-19.

Beginning sounds with the Moveable Alphabet.

Vocabulary building cards.

Counting numbers 1-10 with the colored beads of the Short Bead Stair.

An extension activity for number 1-10.

Counting and one-to-one correspondence with the Number Rods.

Building fine motor control with Nuts and Bolts.

Practical Life: Polishing Glass

Building the Brown Stair.

Pairing colors with the Second Color Tablet Box.

Working with and comparing the  Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

"This is a triangular based pyramid."

"Here is the lake!"

I very much appreciate how this student has set up these materials in order to maximize movement.

Folding the Hundred Chain to make a square of one hundred.

There have been many World Maps being made this week.

"That box is empty because zero means nothing."

Linear and skip counting by tens with the Hundred Chain.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Twas the week before Thanksgiving...

…and all through the class, the students were working and having a blast! :-)

Language activity:  Matching cards of baby animals.

Reading and acting out our "Thanksgiving" poem.

Working with the Cards and Counters math lesson.

Exploring polygons with the Constructive Triangles.

An extension of the Cards and Counters lesson - tracing the number and coloring the quantity. 

Building the Pink Tower.

Counting quantity with the Number Rods.

Writing practice with Sandpaper Numbers.

Puzzle Map of the World

After completing the Puzzle of the Turtle, this student was inspired to trace its outline on a paper and write a story to go along with it.

Careful pin pushing work.

Here, the child has decided to copy the months of the year from our class calendar.

Exploring the Power of Two cube.

Matching rectangles from the Geometric Cabinet.

Constructing and teen numbers with quantity and symbol:  Teen Beads and Boards.

Visual discrimination of size using the Brown Stair.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Continuing Progress

The pictures from this week's time in the classroom illustrate the continuing progress of our group.  The children are enjoying our lessons together, building independence, and taking great ownership throughout their environment.  What a joy it is to observe this and be a part of it all!  It brings me much comfort to see these progressions, especially as we approach the date of my departure overseas.  I know our classroom will continue on the same path of learning and growth.

Pouring yellow and blue paint using spoons...

…and folding the paper to create a symmetrical painting while exploring color mixing.

Sorting stones by color.

Writing practice with Rainbow Letters.

Building concentration and fine motor skills through Finger Knitting.

Tearing Paper art collage.

Pouring dry ingredients.

Using a single Cylinder Block to refine visual discrimination skills and the pincer grasp.

Language: Reading Sentences practice.

Tactile discrimination and writing preparation with the Touch Boards.

Tracing shapes with the Geometric Demonstration Tray.

Auditory discrimination: Sound or No Sound sorting.

Matching autumn and Thanksgiving themed language cards.

Circle Drawer:  Geometric Cabinet 

Writing practice:  Metal Insets - two shapes and two colors.

Pairing colors with the Second Color Tablet Box.

Learning numbers 11-19 with the Teen Beads and Boards (quantity and symbol).

Writing:  Rainbow Letters

Using two Cylinder Blocks at a time for an added challenge.

Working sensorially with the Binomial Cube.

Pouring into two vessels - this was a popular activity this week in the classroom!  

Tracing numbers with Sandpaper Numbers.

The ever-present Rock Painting lesson.

Learning names of shapes with the the Geometric Cabinet drawers.