Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Language Development

"Through engaging in spoken language actives with the children, we are building our relationship together, and sharing a social connection that is a deeply human quality.  As [Montessori's son] Mario Montessori cautioned the students in the 1946 London Lectures, before we go into the classroom and attempt to 'teach' them language, we ourselves must first feel the deeply human connection that comes through sharing language.  'For every word is a monument to some soul that has gained strength through agony or happiness, who has broken the silence, created a word which will pass from generation to generation as long as the soul and intelligence lasts'.  This is the spirit in which we introduce the sandpaper letters, and the silent communication of writing and reading.
Our joyful purpose with all our language activities is to help every child feel she is capable of meaningful and effective communication, worthy of respectful interpersonal communication, and able to identify with the expressed thoughts, feelings, and experiences of others.  Through language  development, the child builds self-confidence, self-worth, and empathy" (Andrews, 2015, p.43-44).

Andrews, Sarah Werner. (2015).  The social relevance of Montessori in the first plane.  The NAMTA journal, 40(2), 31-61.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Extra, Extra!

There were plenty of extra activities happening in the classroom over these past two weeks before winter vacation.  We've had a snow day, a morning weather delay, celebrated the 100th Day of School and Valentine's Day all before heading out for a week's long vacation.  Now, it is already Monday of our first week back and I wanted to post the photos I had from before the break:

Learning about the Function of Words.

Matching number symbols with the Math Board.

Reading a Phonogram Booklet to a friend.

Practicing subtraction facts with the Subtraction Strip Board.

Spelling practice with Language Works.

Enjoying a Valentine drawing activity.

Learning about the function of verbs.

The Article Box.

Number symbol and quantity with the decimal system golden beads and cards.

Walking the maze while hold a bell (trying not to make it ring).

Observing igneous rocks.

Exploring size and dimension with patterns using the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Practicing using a paintbrush.

Tracing shapes from the Geometric Demonstration Tray.

Sort and Count

Another extension activity for numbers 1-10.

Writing practice.

Using the Superimposed Geometric Figures.

A fun Valentine fine-motor/art activity - placing beads on the lines to form a picture.

Valentine sweetness at the snack tables.
It was a busy week for sure and we were ready for our February Vacation!  But, now vacation is over and we are ready to begin where we left off.  Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Concentric Hearts

Thanks to my classroom assistant who thought of this clever activity, we have been enjoying a Valentine cutting lesson while learning new vocabulary about concentric shapes.  It has also inspired me to dust off our Superimposed Geometric Figures lesson and present it to our students!  You can read more about that lesson on the post (from long ago!) HERE.

The activity set up at a table:  Colored paper; scissors, glue, pencil; set of heart-shaped cookie cutters.
The child chooses three colors and traces around each of the hearts.  Then they cut on the lines and glue their hearts making "concentric hearts."   

Concentric Hearts to give as a Valentine or to use as a decoration.