Saturday, October 22, 2011

There's a Hum in the Classroom...

...and it is the marvelous sound of a busy group of children! 

Working with the Brown Stair.
Polishing glass.

Learning to button with the Large Button Frame.

Working with the Teen Board and Beads to understand number quantity and symbol.

Extension work with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair

The child doing the activity in the previous picture wanted to draw and color the structure which was built.  In this photo, he has set up the necessary materials for drawing and coloring. 

By the time he was finished, there were six pieces of paper taped together!  : )

Exploration of shapes with the Constructive Triangles Box B.
Learning letter sounds with writing practice using the Sandpaper Letters.

Shades of colors with the Third Color Tablet Box.

Peg Board:  I enjoyed observing the child in this photo because he was so meticulous in the placement of each peg.  Additionally, he would slide his finger across the line of pegs each time a new peg was added, similar to the movement used in the use of the Red Rods.

Touch Boards:  Practicing tactile discrimination and visual tracking (left to right) while enhancing the lightness of touch necessary for writing.

Drawing faces on a pumpkin!
Walking in, "The Maze," an extension of the Red Rods.

And, I'll leave you with proof that my students are always showing me new ways to see things:

A beautiful sight on our Metal Inset shelf.

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