Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nature Walk Collage

Look what we made with our finds from an autumn nature walk after school!  This is really so simple but quite possibly the most beautiful way we've brought the outdoors inside:

Baskets filled with autumnal treasures, collected by the children...
The simplest loom ever made (in less than a minute!):  Cardboard from a frozen pizza snipped at the edges with scissors.  Yarn pulled from the top of the stash in the closet, taped on the back and wrapped through the slits...

Arranging the treasures...

And the finished creation hanging in our classroom for all to admire.

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  1. Thank you, Ewa! It is really so pretty and so easy to make! :)

  2. We enjoy making these as well. Sometimes as nature faces, like we did on St Patty's Day:

  3. My girls will LOVE this! I'm going to copy you :) In this beautiful weather, we are outside more than in the shelves. Thanks!!!

  4. Perfect! It is really such a simple way to bring the treasures of the outdoors inside! Enjoy! Sasha

  5. This is beautiful - love it! Nature walks are wonderful, and the art project is a perfect extension. I pinned your post to my Exploring Nature Pinterest board at