Friday, September 30, 2011

The Last Week of September, Really?

It hardly seems possible that the month of September has come and gone!  Our classroom is coming together quite nicely - The children seem to be getting along respectfully and feeling more comfortable with classroom procedures and the general daily rhythm.  It brings me much joy to observe the children choosing activities from the shelves, working with the them, and completing the work cycle by returning the items to the shelf for the another person to use.

This week also marked the beginning of our 'Individualized Snack.'  Rather than having the children sit altogether at the same time to have a snack, we have transitioned the children to being able to serve themselves a snack.  I appreciate how this method enables a child to eat when they are actually hungry, and not simply because the rest of the kids are eating...  Also, it allows the child to practice essential Practical Life skills such as pouring water, setting the table, and using serving utensils.  Afterwards, the children clean up by washing their own dishes and leaving the space ready for another child.   Additionally, the 'Individualized Snack' is set up for two children to enjoy each other's company because they sit at a table for two (I call it "individual" simply because a student prepares the snack completely by themselves). The pleasant and colorful conversations which emerge from this set up are priceless!  This method of snack takes much practice by the children and they are off to a great start!

Here are some photos to share from the week:

A wonderful Montessori Practical Life lesson:  Handwashing.
(More) visual discrimination of size with the Knobless Cylinders.

Exploring shapes, patterns, and designs with the Geoboard.

Science:  Magnetic/Non-Magnetic.

Binomial Cube

Exploring concepts of Geography with the globe and play dough.

Writing practice with the chalkboard.

Addition with the Number Rods and Cards.

Polishing Metal
Visual and tactile discrimination of form with the Geometric Cabinet, all while preparing the hand and fingers for writing...I love this lesson!
The Hundred Board
The Red Rods - Read about them in this post.
Learning the names of continents while matching them from the Puzzle Map to a booklet.
Reviewing letter sounds with the Sandpaper Letters booklet from this post.
We have already accomplished much in these first weeks of school and I am looking forward to our days together in the new month of October!


  1. What a wonderful busy week;-)

    You have a beautiful and inviting equipment for the hand washing activity:-)

    Warm Hugs

  2. Thanks, Ewa! The children love the handwashing activity and it is popular among the youngest members of the class. Thanks for reading! Sasha

  3. Hi Sasha!
    Can you tell me wich product you use for the polishing please?

  4. Sure! Here is a link to the non-toxic Metal Polish we use:
    from Montessori Services.

  5. Too bad we didn't live in the same city ... I have lots of silver in need of polishing! lol Sounds like your room is coming together beautifully Sasha - thank you for sharing it all with us :)

  6. We are having a great start to the year, indeed! Thanks for your comment!