Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our First Full Week

As evidenced by the few opportunities for me to take photos, we have been very busy in our classroom this week.  The beginning part of the school year is dedicated to establishing classroom routines and rhythms while promoting peaceful interactions among classmates and teachers.  This week has been filled with lessons geared toward keeping safety which is of paramount importance - i.e. we always walk in our classroom, push in our chairs so children will not trip and fall, etc.  We also have been encouraging kindness with our hands - i.e. "gentle hands help our learning, ourselves, and our friends."  Most important to me is that the children feel safe in our environment so confidence may flourish with the exploration and learning occurring within their prepared classroom!

Playing our 'Apple Picking' Math game.

Sensorial exploration of European countries.

Practical Life - Tonging
Math work with Cards and Counters.

Weaving with various ribbons.

Chopping apple slices - the perfect blend of Practical Life and Grace and Courtesy!
Number Rods and Cards - Here, the child is choosing a number card and bringing the corresponding Number Rod to the mat.

Preparation for writing with the Metal Insets.

Extension work with the Solid Cylinders - visual discrimination of size while promoting use of the pincer grasp (necessary for writing).
Fun with an apple craft...

Language enrichment with 'Animal Babies.'

The PinkTower - read more about it in a previous post.
Wow, we were busy indeed!  And I feel as though these pictures represent only a fraction of what was happening in the classroom!  I am looking forward to even more lessons and activities next week as I get to know my students.


  1. I have loved reading about all your apple-themed activities, Sasha! And it's great to see photos of them in action! I featured your apple posts and apple-slicing photo at

  2. Thank you very much, Deb! It has been great seeing the activites in action now that we are back in school. I have been meaning to write a separate post about the apple slicing lesson...Thanks for featuring the photo!