Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week One (minus a day...)!

I have so enjoyed my time back in the classroom over the past four days of the first week of school!  What a joy it was to have the returning students demonstrate their depth of knowledge of not only the materials, but also procedures in the classroom.  The newest members of the class are so fortunate to have these special mentors in their midst!  I also continue to be amazed at the speedy rate of acclimation our newest students are exhibiting.   While this first week kept me 'on my toes,' (and mostly away from my camera) I was able to capture some moments of life during our Montessori mornings:

Coloring the Map of the World.

Preliminary Practical Life exercise:  Sponging
The children are especially drawn to the use of water and have enjoyed this particular lesson!

Paper Cutting exercises.  After practicing with scissors and cutting on the lines of small strips of paper, the children eagerly fill an envelope of their clippings to bring home to their families! 

Sensorial exploration of dimension with the Solid Cylinders.

Apple Sticker Math with numbers 1-5.

Painting with one color - read more about this activity in the previous post.

Apple Tree Math

Lots of play dough fun!  You can read more about how I've set up the play dough activity here.

Writing practice with an apple tracing activity.
  It has been delightful getting to know my students in these first few days and I look forward to learning more about each child.  We are going to have a great year!


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  2. I always love seeing the photos of children busy at work in your school! I featured your paper cutting posts and your photo of the cutting paper strips activity at Deb @

  3. Thanks, Deb! I'm so happy and honored that you can use this information on your blog!