Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Week of Computer Woes...

I am still recovering from the panic which set in when I brought my computer to the repair shop and the words "motherboard" and "melting" were used in the same sentence!  To make long story short, my computer has been in and out of the shop at least three times this week and as a result, I am feeling significantly backlogged...  While I was able to take some snapshots from our Montessori work periods each morning, I have been limited with the amount of time for uploading photos.  Here is the best I could I could do for this week:
Comparison of height with the Knobless Cylinders.

Writing practice using the chalkboard.

Number tracing practice.

Threading a needle.  Read more about it here.

Exploring sound with a lesson described here.

Counting and cardinality with Cards and Counters.  I also love the Pink Tower work in the background!

Spindle Boxes:  Use of this material gives a strong impression of the concept of 'zero' while allowing the child to formulate connections between the number symbol and its quantity.

Enjoying "Asters, deep purple," as in our 'September' poem which we have learned this month:


A road like brown ribbon,
A sky that is blue,
A forest of green with that sky peeping through.
Asters, deep purple,
A grasshopper's call.
Today is summer, tomorrow is fall. 
                           The written poem in our classroom, concept and downloads courtesy of My Montessori Journey.

The printed poem which is the first part of our Poetry Basket.

The second part of our Poetry Basket...
The components of our Poetry Basket  altogether.
 Happy Fall!


  1. Thank you, both for your kind words! I appreciate your comments so much. Thanks for reading!

  2. Love the poem and how you incorporated it into the classroom - wonderful!

  3. I was so surprised to find the asters growing in a field near school! It was delightful taking a walk to pick wildflowers too... :-)

  4. So sorry about your computer problems! Your pictures are just gorgeous! I enjoyed them so much!
    Thank you!

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures - I am still getting used to a new system which was installed after my computer was giving me problems...! Thanks for reading and leaving such kind comment!

  6. This is so very beautiful. I will be using this idea with my preschoolers as we integrate poetry every month.Thank you.