Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 'Glue Sponge' and Mosaics

Recently, the children have been using a new gluing technique to make mosaics with small, colorful, paper tiles.  It appears the major point of interest is the use of a glue sponge, which is simply a water- dampened sponge with glue inside of a small container:

Glue Sponge - the child simply presses the small tiles gently on top of the glue sponge and presses the tile onto paper.

We have been using this new technique to make vibrant mosaics.  Here is a photo of the activity set up on the shelf"

Bowl with paper mosaic tiles; paper (I used pieces of oak tag left over from another lesson); tray with pencil, small dish; glue sponge; art mat.
To complete the lesson, a child places some mosaic tiles into the small dish, takes a piece of paper, and brings the materials to a table.

Here, the student has gathered the materials and is in the process of making a mosaic using the glue sponge.

Here are a few fun mosaics to share:

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