Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just Glimpses

We've been busy with a wave of new lessons happening in the classroom.  I also noticed  the revisiting of several materials that have not been used in a while.  Here are some glimpses of of classroom life from this past week:

Number writing practice on the chalkboard.

Visual discrimination of size with the Knobless Cylinders.

Working with the Trinomial Cube.

Decimal System counting with the Golden Beads.

This child is building with the Brown Stair blindfolded.

A variation of the Binomial Cube - building outside of the box.

Feeling varying weights with the Baric Tablets.

Static Addition with the Golden Beads.
Months of the Year.

Fine motor development.

Multiplication facts with the Multiplication Bead Board.

Tracing the Botany Cabinet shapes.

Counting by tens with the Tens Boards.
During circle time, we wrote these lists of Living and Non-Living items based on the lesson found on the shelf.  Afterwards, several students set up the work at a tray-table and proceeded to write a list for themselves.

Transferring practice with some small, fish-shaped, colorful erasers.

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