Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moving Forward

We continue moving forward in our classroom...  Several students have entered the realm of math operations with the Golden Beads.  Others have mastered sound recognition and the tracing of cursive Sandpaper Letters.  More students have begun exploring the Sensorial materials in new ways - how exciting!  As in the past weeks, the number of photos is limited as I've simply been taking fewer pictures.  Nonetheless, here is a collection from this week:

Static Addition with the Golden Beads.

Color matching and fine-motor development with paperclips.

Writing practice with Sandpaper Letters.

Cards and Counters extension - tracing the number and coloring the counters.

Metal Insets:  two shapes and two colors.

Exploring with the Pink Tower, Brown Stair, and Red Rods.

Shells and sea glass for making mandalas.

Number writing practice.

Walking the maze with the Red Rods.

More Sensorial exploration!

Living/ Non-Living sorting cards that correspond to the cut and paste activity.

Weaving ribbons.

Numbers 1-10 with the Short Bead Stair.

Writing practice with the Botany Cabinet shapes.

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