Saturday, May 11, 2013

Still Here!

I realize I've been a bit sporadic with the camera lately - we've had many activities happening in the classroom and sometimes it's just hard getting to the camera.  Earlier this week, we were busy making muffins and fruit kebobs to host mothers for 'Muffins for Mom,' which took place later in the week.  It is hard to believe we are now in the home stretch of the school year!  Here are some photos from this week:
Making muffins for our 'Muffins for Mom' event.

Shades of pink with the Third Color Tablet Box.

Addition Facts with Addition Chart III.

A variation with the Solid Cylinders.

Writing practice - Months of the Year

Building words with the Small Moveable Alphabets.

Matching number symbol to the word and recording the work on paper.

Counting a ten bead bar with a unit bead.

Writing practice with Metal Insets.

This student  decided to dew a flag of Japan using the materials in our Sewing Drawers.

Making a collage from paper cutting strips.

Decimal System Cards and Golden Beads

Numbers 11-19 with the Teen Beads.

'Starburst' with the Constructive Triangles (Box C).  This students slid every other triangle saying, "Odd, even, odd, even..." sliding on the even - similar to the Cards and Counters math lesson.

Story writing with the Moveable Alphabet.

Pink Tower/Brown Stair exploration of size and dimension.

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