Monday, April 30, 2012

On the Fly...

Sometimes, inspiration comes to me when I least expect it.  One morning, while preparing the classroom before the children arrived, it just came to me - an art gallery. Of course!  Why didn't I think of it sooner? 

The fact is, a classroom art gallery is something I've thought about in the past but never acted upon simply due to lack of open wall space at the children's eye level.    Instead, I try to encourage art appreciation through the use of Child-Size Masterpieces and various lessons throughout the year.  The new arrangement of our Nature Shelf corner, however, has opened up the back of a door used for fire exit purposes.  "This is it - the perfect spot for an art gallery!" I thought to myself. 

I quickly located some laminated art cards which I made years ago from an old calendar and put together a mini-art gallery with prints of Vincent Van Gogh's works.   I have sets of other famous artists and plan to change them periodically.   I think I even surprised myself at how fast this came together! 
Art Gallery

The Art Gallery in relation to the Nature Shelf...

...and next to the Peace Corner.
The whole room seems brighter now...  I am so thankful for these little changes, and so are the children.  I still can't believe I never really planned it and how it came to me, "on the fly!"

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