Thursday, April 12, 2012

Springtime Drawings

This activity was inspired by leftover paper from another project - the green strips of construction paper were the 'scraps' created when I cut the green squares for our paper cutting project last month.  At the time, I thought they would make perfect 'grass' for springtime pictures, so I've been saving them for this:
Springtime Drawing supplies:  light blue construction paper; green strips, gluing materials; basket with crayons, pencil, and scissors; glue mat
 I showed the children how to fold the green piece in half lengthwise, unfold, and make small cuts all all the way across.  Next, the child glues the grass onto the bottom of the light blue paper.  For an added challenge and to add some texture, I also demonstrated how to use the pencil to curl the grass.
Here, a student has folded the green paper and is cutting across for the grass.
Here, the student has glued the grass and is in the process of "curling" it with the pencil.
Springtime drawing!

Here are just a few of these fun drawings:



  1. very good Sasha. I have kept our green paper leftover too for the same purpose but we haven't got to it yet as we were on holidays for the past 2 weeks!! I hope our drawings turn to be as good as yours!!!!

  2. It is has been so much fun watching them draw - they really turned out lovely and I especially like the Easter eggs some of the kids added to their drawings! :) Thanks for your kind comment and I'm sure your students will enjoy their drawings too!