Saturday, April 28, 2012


...from the first week back after Spring Break:
Fine-motor development:  Transferring straight pins.
"Planting" a daisy garden.  Small green pipe cleaners with daisy buttons in florist foam - instant delight!
'Springtime Flower' art.
A fun math maze highlighting linear counting and number recognition with numbers 1-100.
Comparison of Short Chains and squares. 
Enjoying the Nature Shelf corner.
Metal Inset designs on large paper.
Our classroom looks so cheerful and colorful with fresh forsythia - I love how the child who made this arrangement placed the glass decorations surrounding the bottom of the vase! :)
Matching and naming colors with the Color Tablet Box 2.
Matching uppercase to lowercase letters with this butterfly puzzle.
Learning about Earth's Land and Water Forms:  Lake/Island.
Yoga practice.  I set up a small mat and some Yoga cards for children (Yoga Pretzels).  I put some Earth Day-themed poses in the basket:  Tree, River, Airplane, and one called All is Good.  The child in this picture has set up the mat, taken his shoes off and placed them in the basket, and set up the cards for visual reference.  He is completing the "River" pose.
Addition Strip Board
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Caring for plants.
'Springtime' poetry.

Reading practice:  Labeling the Farm.
Number Rods and Cards
Color Mixing Wheel
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  1. Great activities! Wonderful ideas..

  2. Wow, Sasha, I would love to be one of the children in your classeroom! ;-) I love the colors you chose and how you prepare your classroom... Your blog is a great inspiration for me, a "normal", not Montessori trained, teacher, and gives me lots of ideas to use in my small home based daycare... By the way, forsythia has always been for me the first sign of spring, yay! :-)

    All the best,

  3. Thank you for such kind words, Moni! It brings me much joy to know that you find my blog helpful and inspiring! :)
    Thank you, again,