Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easel Monoprints

As I was setting up the shelves for April, I wanted to add something new for the easel and thought it would be exciting for the children to create monoprints.  All I had to do was place electrical tape directly onto the easel making sure it was the same size as the paper the children were going to be using, and set out some paints. 
Our easel set up for monoprinting.  The basket underneath holds an apron and paper.
To complete the activity, the child puts on the apron and begins painting inside of the rectangle.  Some of the kids asked, "But, where's the paper?" or "Right on the easel?"  :)

Painting inside the rectangle.

Aligning the paper with the rectangle...

...and pressing it. 
 Then, the child peels the paper from the easel to reveal their monoprint.  This was met with "oohs" and "aaahs" from creators and observers alike!  Here is a sampling of some up close - such interesting texture and movement...


And did I mention this activity also reignited our Washing the Easel lesson?  The children  have been cleaning with gusto! :)
Having completed the monoprint, this student has washed the brushes and is in the process of cleaning the easel. 

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  1. Excellent concept. This children's work of art would allow their own creativity and character.

  2. Thank you! Their creativity and character are definitely revealed through these art works!! Thanks for reading and leaving your kind comment.