Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On the Shelves: May

Seriously?  May?!  Since our return from Spring Break, the children have been enjoying some variation of activities on the shelves having to do with Earth Day and Spring.

Practical Life:  Dry Transfer activities.
Practical Life:  Wet Transfer activities.
Practical Life:  Spooning beans.  I think the kids love these flower dishes as much as I do!
Building a tower of sponges using tongs.  Once the tower is built, the child blows it down!  This is a lesson I've seen floating around the blogoshere and wanted to try in my class.
Bead Stringing Tray:  Continent Bracelets
The child will place one of each colored bead to represent the colors of the continents on the Montessori colored globe.  Of course, I had to drive all around town trying to find brown beads for Australia!  Also, I wanted the children to string the beads onto blue pipecleaners to represent the oceans - would you believe every store in town was out of blue pipe cleaners?! I finally found them after driving all the way to Bangor....!
Stereognostic Progressive Exercise:  Different types of flowers.
I also set up the color mixing activity shown HERE, along with some other variations of art lessons.  I'll be sure to share these with you in the coming weeks!


  1. Great activities. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the transferring activity with the sponges and I have no doubt my kids would love this!! And the continent bracelets are a brilliant and very original idea!! I have to steal both!! But i will make sure to refer to your wonderful blog! Thanks Sasha!