Saturday, May 12, 2012

Muffins, too!

In addition to these photos showing our regular activities from our morning work, we also finished up wrapping our Mother's Day gifts, baked muffins, and  assembled fruit kabobs.  Later in the week, we hosted our annual Muffins for Moms event with much success! 
Exploring geometry with the Constructive Triangles Box C.
Sandpaper Numbers - rubbing over with crayon on paper to make a booklet of numbers.
Memory Game of Numbers with items from around the classroom. 
Water work with a dropper.
Trinomial Cube extension work - building the cube outside the box.
Decimal System Cards
Building Puzzle Words with the Small Moveable Alphabet.
Writing practice in the cornmeal tray - the kids LOVE this!
Clipping flowers (barrettes) onto ribbon - great fine motor practice and development of concentration and coordination!
Static Subtraction with Golden Beads.
Vocabulary Enrichment - Types of Birds.
Matching Spring cards.

Refining visual discrimination and fine motor development with a Solid Cylinder Block.
Exciting math work with the chains, squares, and cubes.
Matching picture/word with animals from the Farm activity.
A snail with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair!
Initial sounds and reading work.
The children are very much enjoying coloring the Map of the World and painting the oceans!


  1. Your idea of Muffins for mum is very good, so good that I will try to sell the idea to my colleagues.
    Thank you

  2. It is always well received - the Moms love it and the children so enjoy being the "hosts," not to mention baking the muffins....! :)