Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm Still Standing...

The classroom was incredibly busy this week - don't get me wrong, this is a wonderful thing...  But I had to check to see if I was "still standing!" ;)  On top of the encouraging progress of the class and its members, we were also busy greeting guests (prospective families and students), observing an intriguing science experiment, practicing our carpentry skills with our outdoor hammering, all while getting started with Mother's Day festivities!   Here is only a glimpse into our world from this week - sometimes so much is happening at once that it is impossible to take pictures of it all!
Recently, I placed many small, hand-written labels around the classroom such as the one seen here in the art gallery.  This has prompted a mini-writing explosion as quite a few kids have taken to...
...practicing writing the words on chalkboards (and paper, too).
 Addition Strip Board work.
Geography work with the US Puzzle Map.
"This is three o'clock!"  Learning about telling time.
New month = new Calendar work for May.
Pink Tower and Brown Stair extension work.
Matching the Number Rods to the Number Cards.  This picture shows how the child has set up some mats (in the background) and is taking one card out at a time.  After reading the number card, he then goes to the shelf to retrieve the corresponding Number Rod.  Lastly, he brings the rod to the mats and matches the card to the rod.  This is a wonderful distance, memory, and movement activity!
A sneak peak at our Mother's Day gifts - this is only one step of many...  I will share more next week!
Yoga with cards.
Coloring a map of the world and painting the oceans.
An exercise with the Addition Strip Board - making number combinations of a chosen number (here, it is 12).
Continent Folders:  Asia
Associating number symbol with quantity and the concept of zero with the Spindle Boxes.
Dynamic Addition with Golden Beads.
Pink Tower/Brown Stair exploration.
Working with the Binomial Cube.
Geography- Land, Air, and Water:  Sorting photos.

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