Monday, April 4, 2011

Ready for April

Over the weekend, I spent some time refreshing our classroom with new April activities.  Here are some materials which will greet the children this week:

An April display in the cubby area upon arrival to school.

Spooning egg-shaped pom-poms in a festive platter.

For added interest in the Practical Life polishing lessons:  Hand-painted wooden Easter eggs in exquisite silver egg cup holder.  The small wooden plate is for the child to place an egg or egg cup onto, depending on what they choose to polish.  The informative book complements the lesson perfectly!

Math Game - I think it is critical to provide opportunities for intrapersonal skill building through games in the classroom.  The idea for this simple math game came from My Montessori Journey.   I made the egg-shaped game boards using cardstock and 30 Easter egg stickers - 15 per game board.   The tin holds 30 game pieces  which are Easter-themed erasers.  I though it would be fun to house the game die in a wooden egg cup!

Another math activity I made is this variation of  'Counting Our Lucky Pennies' which was on the shelf during March.  Here, the child lays the eggs out (in order if they choose) and places the corresponding number of Easter egg erasers on the egg.  I know many children in my class will be drawn to the lesson simply because of this adorable, eraser-holding bunny jar!
Designing such activities inspires me and seeing the materials in active use by children learning is a source of joy.


  1. What a beautiful environment you've created, Sasha! The polishing activity is fabulous - and all your activities are very appealing! I'm so glad to know about your wonderful blog! I've added your link to

  2. Thank you, Deb! I am excited to share ideas and information. Your interest in my blog is much appreciated and I thank you for your kind words!

  3. nice activities..I love the festival tray!

  4. Do you place these activities in a seasonal section of the classroom. or are you integrating them into their respective area. For example the game, does that stay on a table dedicated to it's use? How many tables do you have in your classroom to do this and not affect space for other works? And the math counting activity, does this end up with the Montessori math activities, so do you have to bump another work to find a place for this...I would love more pictures of your shelves and how they change. I am always struggling to find room, I think I have too many works out at any given time.

  5. Yes, there is a table near the Math area that I use for this type of game. I don't always have game out on the table, but the children know that when it is set up, they can just find another table or set up their work on a mat. As for the seasonal math activities, I have a small shelf that I use for these works. Here is an example:

    This way, I only have to put away the seasonal lessons and everything else remains the same. I don't have to "bump' other works.