Friday, April 1, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things...

....sort of.  After a rash of absences during the past couple of weeks due to illnesses (myself included!) and vacations, we finally had a back-to-normal week - except for today's SNOW DAY!  It was, however, great to have the classroom humming with activity once again...

Child-Size Masterpieces:  Sorting Similar works of art.

Making Ocean Animals booklets. 

Practicing dressing skills with the Buckle Frame.

Learning about numbers with the Teen Board and Beads.

Metal Polishing - Yes, the child's hand is lost inside the teapot - apparently, it needed a good cleaning!

Working with the World Puzzle Map.

Pink Tower and Brown Stair extensions.

Exploring differences of size with the Knobless Cylinders.

Playing the Glockenspiel during Music class.

Spooning sand using a funnel.  (The spoon is oh, so tiny and perfect!)
Sorting objects by initial sound.

Dynamic Addition with the Stamp Game.

Practicing letter sounds and writing with Sandpaper Letters.

Puzzle Maps - South America

 Let's hope for a full five days of school next week and we'll really be back in the swing!


  1. Such inspiration in that classroom! I cannot believe all there is to explore and learn, your students are so blessed!

  2. The children teach me so much and everyday, I stand back and watch them with awe!
    Thanks so much for your your meaningful comment!