Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Artwork Update

I wanted to take the opportunity to post about our Pollock-inspired drip painting which has now been finished and framed.  Words cannot express how beautifully it turned out - the framer was even impressed with the cheerful, colorful nature of this abstract painting.  I'm afraid this photos does not do it justice - it is even more impressive in person!

I cannot wait to bring it to school next week after the break!  Also, some of you may remember our paper cutting excersise from this post.  Today, I placed them on a large canvas and gave it a couple of coats of Mod Podge.  I think a simple frame would give it a decent finish.  The geometric forms and symmetry are eye-catching.  Maybe I should send it to IKEA - the colors are just right! 

During this vacation, I've also been making some extension materials from Montessori Print Shop.  A detailed post about these Geometric Solids Sorting cards will be published once I introduce the materials in the classroom next week:

I just love my laminator!  And yes, that is our cat, Lulu on the rug in the background...

Lastly, let it be known, I have finished my research paper for my Montessori training program!!!!  (More on that later...)

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