Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Earth Day Craft

I wanted to share with you a small change I made to one of the Earth Day crafts I recently placed on the art shelf.  Some of you may recall the following photo from this post:

I added a few more items to the tray and placed them in a green basket.  The items added include a small, black 'crayon rock,' a dish with star stickers, and another small dish to collect the sticker remains.  This way, the child can add "space" around the earth by rubbing the crayon and then add star stickers for even more interest.  I thought these additions would not only promote greater use of the pincer grasp (while crayoning with the black 'crayon rock') which enhances writing skills, but also would further develop their understanding of the cosmic world!  Here is a photo of the material, with the additions, in use:

The children are very much enjoying this activity and have repeated it many times.  We are saving these "Earths" to hang in our hallway - a perfect reminder of celebrating Earth Day everyday!


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  2. Thanks so much! I look forward to sharing ideas and keeping in touch. Sasha