Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Kulich and Pascha

"Every Russian Easter table, from the most modest to he most lavish, has as its center - Kulich and Pasha - the most awaited and special of the traditional Russian foods.  Each family has a treasured recipe for these delicious treats which are first sampled on Easter Night and may be served only during the Easter celebrations."  (From Babushka's Kitchen)

As I wrote in this post, thanks to my mom, who has already sent us a Kulich, we only had to make the accompanying Pascha to complete our Easter Table. 

Key ingredient - Farmer's Cheese.  I love how the price tag indicates, "Russian Gourmet!"

Mixture of Farmer's cheese, sugar, and butter - and next to it, my 'secret recipe,' hand written by my mom.

Mixing the heavy cream...

Adding the best part - vanilla, straight from the bean!

Lining the wooden Pascha mold with cheesecloth...and realizing that we used only 1lb. of Farmer's cheese and not 2 which this mold requires. So...

...a variation on a theme - Clay Flower Pot!  Now, the Pascha will drain for a couple of days while setting in the clay pot (which conveniently already has a drainage hole in place!). 

You'll have to wait until Easter to see the finished product on our Easter Table!  In the meantime, I know three very excited children who, "just can't wait 'till Easter!" to take part in this festive tradition.

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