Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Anticipation

Our days have been filled with much anticipation - we have been counting the days until the 100th Day of School, and this coming Monday is the day.  The children are giddy with excitement as we are marking the occasion with a pajama day and special crafts.  Adding the to air of excitement is not only the upcomingValentine's Day celebration next week, but also the 'epic' snowstorm headed our way... And did I mention we also hosted moms and dads on two mornings for Parent Visit days?  Needless to say, there's been a lot to anticipate!  Some photos from this week:

Painting:  Controlling the Brush

History, calendar, and reading:  Days of the Week

Pink Tower/Brown Stair exploration...

...which turned in to this.  "Look, I made a Kindness Heart!"

Feeling differences in weight:  Baric Tablets.

Sorting animals by continent:  North America/Europe

Months of the Year

Map of Europe:  Tracing puzzle pieces and labeling the countries.

Teen Beads and Boards.

Handwriting practice with the Metal Insets.

Cards and Counters

Counting the beads of the Short Beads Stair...

...putting them in order and then coloring the beads.

Language:  Opposites

Writing preparation with the Botany Cabinet.

Sorting art cards by artist.

Learning to tell time by the hour.

"It's the same flag!"

Setting up the matryoshka dolls just right!

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