Saturday, February 2, 2013

Balance and Precision

You will understand the title of this post after viewing these photos from our week together.  :)

"This wooden spoon feels heavier than this doll," using artifacts from the Continent Box for Europe.  

Exploring size and dimension with the Knobless Cylinders.

Using all six tablets from the first two boxes of the Baric Tablets.

Fun with the Addition Snake Game.

Patterns with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

"Three is lighter than six!" using knowledge from the lesson with the Baric Tablets.

A combination of the Conjunction and the Preposition lessons with the Language Farm.

Addition practice with the Stamp Game.

Listening for Sound/No Sound.

A new way to check the work during the Addition Snake Game which provides preparation for multiplication.

Animals of Europe and North America.

Practice with teen numbers using the Teen Bead Hanger and coloring, tracing and writing the numbers.

Walking on the Line holding a flag.

Number writing practice.

Matching circles from the Geometric Cabinet to their cards.

Writing practice on the chalkboard with the 'Wet, Dry, Try' method.

Matching the flag of the United Kingdom to a double decker bus (with an identical flag) from our European Continent Box.

Number symbol and quantity with the Decimal System Cards and Golden Beads.

Filling water to the line.

Writing practice.

Counting the decimal system with the Golden Beads.

Beginning sound/symbol work.

Metal Insets - development of the hand for writing:  Three shapes and three colors.

Water transfer with small dropper.

Throughout the week,  have been making 'Kindness Hearts' which are similar to our the Beaded Snowflake activity from last month.  Here, the children have finished the following sentences:  I show kindness when.... I feel peaceful when...

Balance and precision - what a great way to summarize the week! 

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