Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back to School...

...with an Asian theme!  Last week, we enjoyed a week off during our February vacation.  In all honesty,  it hardly seemed like a vacation as I am in the midst of completing my Master's program through St. Catherine University's AM2 (Acknowledging Montessori for a Master's) program and spent the entire week neck-high in coursework.  Nevertheless, I was able to hop into the classroom a couple times to put together a few new Practical Life lessons with an Asian flair.  We'll be spending some time in the classroom over the next weeks learning about aspects of this dynamic continent.

Spooning rice.

Transferring star anise.

Transferring beads with child-friendly chopsticks.  

Mandala variation with small stones...

... to place on the lines.  The backside remains blank for free-form designs.

A variation of the lesson from THIS post - a gluing/sealing activity.  Here, the children will be using yellow tissue paper squares to make the shape of Asia.  I appreciate how the slight variation changes the theme yet still allows for children to practice the same fine motor skills.

Continent Stamps: Asia.  We've been saving work from the North America and Europe stamps to make booklets - now the children will work on their page for Asia.  

So far, the children have been enjoying these activities during our first days back in the classroom after vacation.  There are a few more variations of lessons on this theme which I'll be sure to share in the near future.  

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