Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Filling our Hearts

The following art idea came to me as I observed the children during the Tape Resist Snowflake lesson.  It occurred to me that they could benefit from refining their brushstrokes while painting to promote lightness of touch and attention to detail.  We have also been talking a lot about kindness, showing others how much we care, and ways of cultivating peace in the classroom and beyond.  So I decided to put together a lesson which combines these two elements:

Painting:  Controlling Brushstroke
"Filling our Hearts"
(I took the picture with the materials on a table, but they are actually set up on a shelf).
Ready to fill the hearts with paint.  During the presentation, I emphasized the importance of being aware of how lightly the brush touches the paper.  The child uses one brush for each color and carefully fills in  the hearts.

The activity in progress.

All filled up!
The children have been very attentive to their brushstrokes and paying close attention to their movement during the process.  And what perfect timing for Valentine's Day coming up!

Here they are in our hallway along with the 'Kindness Hearts.'

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