Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Peace Is In Our Hands"

We've tried to remain very conscious of these words while working together in our classroom this week.  The Kindness Wreath is filling up and our Gratitude Jar remains a focal point of the classroom.  Here are some pictures of activities to share:

Glass Polishing

Feeling differences in temperature with the Thermic Tablets.

Matching scents with the Smelling Bottles.

Writing practice.

Drawing a picture for Story Writing.


Primary and secondary color matching with the Color Tablet Box 2.

Letter sound/symbol stamping work.

More writing with the Moveable Alphabet.

Learning to cross-stitch.

'Peaceful' words.

Enjoying the rock painting activity.

Trinomial Cube

Exploring shades of color with the Third Color Tablet Box.

Writing practice at the easel.

Some additions to our classroom reading selections...

...and guiding words for all of us.


  1. S0 many good trays!THANKS FOR SHARING

  2. Your school is always such an inspiration in so many different ways, Sasha! I featured your thermic tablet activity and photo in my Thermic Materials post at