Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kindness Wreath

I've seen the following idea floating around Pinterest and the blogosphere for some time now.  After reading an article in Tomorrow's Child magazine about the 'Kindness Wreath', I decided it was time to integrate this wonderful idea into our classroom.  What better time to do so than with the ringing in of the New Year?!

The 'Kindness Wreath' promotes kindness in general while cultivating the notion of doing good onto others in a child-friendly, visible way.  The children in my class are already familiar with our 'Kindness Pledge' which I will use as an introduction to the 'Kindness Wreath':

Kindness Pledge
I pledge to myself on this day
To be kind in every way.
To everyone, both big and small,
I will help them if they fall.
When I love myself and others too,
That is the best that I can do.

We will talk about what it means to be kind and to show kindness.  I will explain that each time an act of kindness is seen, the child who sees it can obtain a piece of paper from the designated tray and bring it to a teacher. The teacher will write down the act of kindness which was observed.  The key thing here is that the child will have had to see another child doing something kind rather than it being about himself.  The paper will then be folded up and placed in the bowl.  After the bowl has been filled, we will gather the group and read each paper.  As each one is read, the child who has done the kindness will choose a ribbon to be tied onto the wreath.  Over time, the wreath will fill up with ribbons representing each act of kindness that was observed in our classroom.

'Kindness Wreath' materials:  tray with papers and pencil; jar with various ribbons to be tied on the wreath; bowl for gathering written acts of kindness observed in the classroom;  behind the tray and jars is a copy of our 'Kindness Pledge.'
The 'Kindness Wreath' hanging on the door above our art gallery and next to the peace corner/reading area - waiting to be filled with ribbons!

UPDATE - April 22, 2013:

As you can see, we've been busy with our Acts of Kindness! :-)

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  1. You made me curious about this wreath of kindness. Please keep posting about the results.
    And happy new year.

    María, the almost swedish

  2. Sure thing, Maria! :) Happy New Year!