Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thrifted New Year's Treasures

I came across an incredible bounty making an impromptu thrift run on this NewYear's Day:

Thrifted Treasures
Each item cost only pennies - all of this for under ten dollars!  Oh, the inspiration we Montessori teachers find in the aisles of thrift stores...! :)  I take this as a symbol of all the wonderful gifts this New Year will bring - Happy New Year to my readers and followers!  I truly appreciate your interest and support in all of my endeavors and wish you health and happiness this year and always. 


  1. I like your blogg alot. I visit it often. I have just finish à preprration of the silents game. By inspiration of you. Take care Åsa from Sweden

  2. Thanks so much for you kind words! I'm happy to hear of the silence game preparation - I hope it goes well and your kids enjoy it. Thanks for reading, Sasha