Friday, November 2, 2012

Language Learning Stamps and Letter Writing

I've had a set of language learning stamps for some time and wanted to introduce them in a meaningful activity for my students.  I am also finding that the children in my class enjoy opportunities to practice linking their knowledge of beginning letter sounds to their symbols.  They have really been working on this, along with using the Sandpaper Letters, and I thought it might be interesting and fun to put together the following language lesson.  The response from my students has been tremendously positive!

On the tray:  ink pad, jar with pencil and highlighter, three stamps with items beginning with  the sound 'a.'  I've placed  the written word on labels so the children may choose to write the words on their papers...  The paper holder to the left holds...
...small papers divided into four sections.  I've written 'a' in the first section with a yellow highlighter... that the children may trace it with the orange highlighter after making their stamps.    Some children may wish to write the word (with the pencil) under their stamp pictures as well.

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