Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flags of North America

Finally!  The Flags of the World have begun making their appearance in the classroom!  I have been wanting to incorporate this material for years - the children have been learning about North America and I thought they would appreciate learning about the flags of different countries.  I have only introduced the series of flags (which came with the set I purchased) for North America  and plan to introduce others at a later time.

Flags of North America
My students have been so intrigued by the flags and have enjoyed an accompanying coloring activity available on the art shelves.

Coloring the United States and Canadian flags:  I have purposefully written the corresponding flag's country on a label for each jar -  The children are able to read the printed version on the paper and the written (cursive ) version on the jar.      A component of the lesson is to match the printed word to the written word to be sure the correct jar is in place and used.
I look forward to adding more flags and rotating the coloring activity.  We also plan to save some of these flags to make booklets of the Flags of the World.

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