Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Already!

Wow, I can hardly believe November is upon us.  The classroom continues humming along with many activities and lessons and the children are used to the rhythm of our daily happenings.  Each day, they look forward to working with familiar lessons and eagerly anticipate the presentation of new materials.  Here is a glimpse from this week:

Drawing and writing practice with the Marker Paper.

Coloring and naming the continents.

Language stamps - letter symbol/sound and writing practice.

"Look, it's South America!" Painting with water on rocks.

More Teen Bead practice for numbers 11-19.

Drawing faces on our pumpkin - lots of fun and promotes writing skills as well! :)

Practicing Walking on the Line - great for gross motor control.

Carefully putting away the spindles from the Spindle Box lesson.

Mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.

Dynamic Addition practice.

Three-part cards for the Continents.

Counting practice and one to one correspondence with the Number Rods.

Binomial Cube

Stamp Game:  Static Addition

Visual discrimination of size:  Brown Stair

 Pink Tower

Bow tying practice with the Bow Tying Frame.

More practice with the Number Rods. 

Cards and Counters

Teen Bead Hanger - practice with numbers 11-19.

Three-part Cards - Continents

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