Saturday, December 8, 2012


Despite some sniffles and some colds, we continue making progress in our classroom!  I am excited to make note of the many successes, both big and small, that occur each day:

Floor Scrubbing

Weaving practice.

Spooning and sorting (gold or silver) bells.

Scooping beads into three containers - this little scooper is adorable! :)

Drawing and writing on the easel.

Bells - listening.

Writing preparation with the Metal Insets.

First Color Tablet Box

Poinsettia craft.

Visual discrimination of length:  Red Rods

Dynamic Addition 

Conjunction work using the Farm materials...

...and symbolizing with the Grammar Symbols.

Making the shape of Europe with play dough.

Re-enforcing beginning letter sound/symbol.

Sandpaper Letter practice.

Extension work with the Teen Bead Hanger.

Counting the Decimal System with the Golden Beads.

Exploring concepts of geometry with the Constructive Triangles.

Building concentration and developing writing skills with pin-pushing -  shape of Europe.

Animals of North America

Exploring dimension - Knobless Cylinders.

Color mixing.

Number writing practice withsSandpaper Numbers.

Numbers 11-99 with the Tens Board and Beads.

Dressing Frames:  Large Buttons

Art:  Weaving with paper

Telling time to the hour.

Dynamic Addition

Decimal System Cards

Binomial Cube

Static Subtraction with Golden Beads.

Checking the edges of the Brown Stair. 

Working with numbers 11-19 to understand place value.

More drawing at the easel (and then washing it, too!).

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