Thursday, December 6, 2012

Painting with Two Colors

The way in which I have set up the Painting with Two Colors activity is just as much about the procedure as it is about creative expression!  I have given much thought to the steps necessary to complete the lesson.  Doing so allows for greater opportunities for my students to practice specific skills such as motor planning and sequencing of actions.  The set up for this painting lesson follows the same principles as many Practical Life activities such as Washing the Easel, Table Washing, Handwashing, or the Floor Scrubbing exercise recently introduced.  In these lessons, the child is continuously thinking about steps in sequence and acting upon the necessary components.  Additionally, the process of cleaning up not only emphasizes these procedural steps, but also reinforces an integral Montessori classroom feature of always leaving materials ready for use by another student upon completion.

Painting with Two Colors  
(I have replaced the bottles with two smaller flip top containers since taking this photo).
The materials in use.
"It's all about the process, not the product!"

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