Saturday, December 22, 2012

We made it!

You can imagine the energy level in the classroom with the closeness of Christmas vacation, gift exchanges, three Birthday Walks,  and two straight days of not being able to go outside...!  Whew - we made it - and I'm ready for vacation! :)

This student started with the atlas - looking through pictures for North America.  Then, he retrieved the Continent Folder pictures, and finally got the globe.  After all of this, he proceeded to color a Map of the World! :)

Revisiting the Bow Tying Frame.

The kids enjoy practicing their numbers with the chalkboards.

The Sand Tray has become a fast favorite to practice writing!

Independent language work with the Preposition lesson.

Strengthening of the pincer grasp - using tweezers to transfer small bells.

Language:  Letter sound and symbol work.

Examining feathers from our Nature Shelf.
Linear and skip counting with The Hundred Chain.

More letter sound/symbol work.

Language work:  matching holiday-themed pictures.

An extension of the Geometric Solids - sorting cards by shape.

Careful planning and execution with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Linear and skip counting - all of the Short Chains.

Decimal System Cards and Beads

Caring for plants.

The Individual Silence Game.

Counting and one-to-one correspondence with the Number Rods.

Building words with the Moveable Alphabet.

Animals of the World

The bells - matching pitch.

Refinement of writing skills with the Botany Cabinet.

Pictures of Europe with the Continent Folders.


  1. Hi Sasha ! How are you ?
    I love your 7 continents flags, do you know where I can find one for my class ? I leave in England.
    Thank you

  2. Our flags are from here:
    But it appears they are now out of stock. :(