Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Animal Tracks Matching

One set of materials which I received in the treasure trove of goods documented in THIS post from last summer, is this intriguing animal tracks matching activity.  It not only goes well with our recent introduction of Animals of North America lesson but also allows for number recognition and reading practice!

Animal Tracks Matching activity.  Each animal track is labeled with a number and corresponding animal name.  The box contains the matching sections to be matched to the chart.

Here, the child is creating the matches next to the control chart.  Other children may wish to place the matches directly onto the control chart (on top of the matches).

The completed lesson.
Wow - lots of concentration and attention to detail here!  I hope I have timed this lesson's introduction to the classroom to coincide with some more snowfall...  We will enjoy looking for tracks in the snow - so let's hope for some more soon! :)


  1. I just came across your blog and am loving it. I really like this animal tracks activity. Do you know where I can find and print the animal tracks cards?

  2. Hi Natalie, thanks for leaving a comment and welcome to my blog!
    Unfortunately, I don't know where one can find these cards - they were given to me with a huge assortment of materials which had been collected over many, many years.