Thursday, March 10, 2011

We All Get Along!

The following video clip beautifully exhibits the peaceful nature of a Montessori setting. I was extremely grateful (and awed) to be able to watch these children working together so harmoniously in the classroom - if there is one goal of any Montessori teacher, it is the hope that we can create environments where the children are free to explore, learn, and grow while getting along peacefully with others.

I especially admire the part when the children realize I am recording them... Their concentration hardly seems broken!  Here is what the Montessori experience is all about:

Thanks to the parents of these children, who so graciously allowed me to post this amazing excerpt of our classroom life!


  1. Ms Sasha, we just love our Montessori Family! You are amazing and we are so blessed to have been a part of this environment for the past 4 years... thank you for sharing this, what a great group of kids!!

  2. How is it that these darling boys didn't want to knock that tower over? When boys in my classroom do any tower building, they always want to knock them over. What words do you use to discourage that and encourage proper treatment of the materials?

    1. Oh, that comes early on when the children are first introduced to the Pink Tower! From the initial lesson, I always encourage proper use of the blocks, including taking them down, one at a time. Every now and then, someone knocks them over, but the response from the other children is enough for it not to happen again.