Friday, March 18, 2011

All in a Week's Time

During our time in the classroom, I try to get snapshots of interesting activities throughout the mornings.  Often, I am in the middle of a lesson or watching from afar when something incredible happens...and I just can't get to the camera.  I also feel, however, that I shouldn't rush to the camera!  In any case, here are some photos of happenings around the classroom this week which I was able capture.

Caring for plants.

Metal Insets - one shape in two positions.
Puzzles - Parts of a Flower

More puzzles - Parts of a Turtle

Saltwater vs. Freshwater experiment (see this post)

Playing the Memory Game of Numbers (with shells).

Preparing banana slices to offer to our friends.  (A perfect Grace and Courtesy lesson!)

Exploring shapes and geometry with the Constructive Triangles.


Learning about the decimal system with Cards and Golden Beads...

...and the Formation of Large Numbers.

Static Subtraction with the Golden Beads.

Making a Continent Booklet with stamps and colored pencils.
Counting our "Lucky Pennies."  (see this post)

And a flurry of activity with Pink Tower and Brown Stair Extensions:


  1. A very busy classroom. Just wonderful. Love.

  2. Thank you, Ewa! We have lots of fun...!

  3. I just found your blog! I am so glad I did!! Love, Love, Love the pink tower and brown stairs creations. Thank you for sharing.

  4. The funny thing about the Pink Tower/Brown Stair extensions - the kids hadn't really used them for quite some time. And then they did that! It is amazing what the children will do in their own time...
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Great blog Sasha. I am glad that Paul gave me your card. Brings back so many memories for me. I loved the work and loved that my children were part of it. I look forward to seeing more...
    Amy Peterson-Roper

  6. Thanks so much for your positive response - please visit us any time!