Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Off to the 'Windy City'

I am looking forward to participating in the Annual Conference of the American Montessori Society this weekend in Chicago.  Prior experiences at this conference indicate the need to be super-organized...the thousands of attendees coupled with endless workshop options prompted me to put together my own conference notebook:

Yes, the tabs are color-coded by day, dividing options for each workshop session.  I've already highlighted the sessions I plan to attend, saving time when I'm there...
 And just in case the need arises, I made these business cards from a free template online:

Tradition dictates that I bring back at least one special item for the classroom...I wonder what it will be this year!  I also have plans for next year's conference in San Francisco and am processing my proposal to present a workshop based on my STEM Research...stay tuned!

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