Monday, January 4, 2016

From 2015

As we begin the new calendar year, here's a look back on the last week and half in the classroom before school ended for vacation.  Looking forward to starting 2016 where we left off along with some new activities that were set up during the break.  More soon!

Helping a friend with an apron.

Quantity, counting, and symbols.

Matching objects to their outlines.

Nuts and bolts.

Exploring with shades of color.

Reviewing Sandpaper Letters.

Learning names of igneous rocks.

Careful work with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Symbolizing noun phrases.

Pairing fabrics by touch.

The function of words: conjunction.

Laying out the Decimal System Cards.

Tracing Botany Cabinet leaf shapes.

Subtraction using the Stamp Game.

Addition: Memorization of  math facts.

Handwriting practice.

Enjoying the watercolors.

Exploring Sensorial materials.

Paring primary and secondary colors.

Learning to write numbers.

"Six eight times is forty-eight!"  Multiplication with Bead Bars.

December calendar work - days of the week and sequencing numbers. 

"Number 7" collaborative art joins the line!

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