Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Didn't Forget...

I've just been catching up.  It's been way too long since my last post, but I wanted you to know that we are still here and moving right along!  Speaking of moving, one of the reasons why I haven't posted in a bit is because my family recently moved to a new home.  While we are thoroughly enjoying our new home, it does mean a new (much longer) commute for me to school.  As you might imagine, we are all getting used to a new daily rhythm of life with my kids attending a new school and everything that a move entails…
With all this change occurring at home, thankfully things at Montessori school have remained the same!  I will share with you some recent pictures from our classroom.  The children continue progressing in their lessons while practicing those all-encompasing Grace and Courtesy lessons.  Here a few snippets:

Finding sums of 14 with the Addition Strip Board.

Making an archipelago with clay.

Counting the thousand cube with the hundred square.  "They're all together to make a thousand!"

Writing words with the Moveable Alphabet.

"This is two-thousand, four hundred, twenty-three."

Memorizing addition facts with the Addition Charts.

Exploration with the Red Rods and Knobless Cylinders.  "It' s a Christmas tree!"

Learning about and naming the layers of the Earth.

Coloring the flag of Russia.

Memorization of addition facts.

Playing a game and learning the names of different igneous rocks.

'Jingle Bells' with the bells - how lovely!

More music with the Melody Harp.

Comparing three sets of Knobless Cylinders.

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