Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Latest

Please enjoy latest group of pictures collected over the past two weeks from around our classroom:

Examining continent cards of Antarctica and comparing to pictures in an encyclopedia.

Practicing subtraction with the Negative (Subtraction) Snake Game.

Weaving (using some ribbon and a shelf rack).  In this picture, the child weaving is listening to her friend practice reading - how sweet!
 "The curious cat toward the brown pony," learning about prepositions…
…  and making sure the animals of the farm match right up!  

Subtraction math facts with the Negative Strip Board.

An extension activity with the Geometric Solids.

Three-part cards of the continents.

Function of words:  Verb

Pink Tower building.

45 Layout in process...

…and the 45 Layout completed!

Phonogram Sandpaper Letters.

Sounding out and writing words.

Checking work with the Subtraction Control Chart.

'I am a Peacemaker' necklace making.

Multiplication Facts.

Spelling 'ai' words.

Fine motor development with transferring tweezers.

Solidifying concepts of place value.

Reading number symbols and later retrieving quantities with golden beads.

Binomial Cube puzzle.

Carefully preparing a polish cloth during Leather Polishing.

Preparing the hand for writing and distinguishing smooth and rough textures with the Touch Boards.

Exploration of length The with the Red Rods.


  1. Thanks for posting! Do you recall where you bought the extension cards for the geometric solids? They look like they would spark a bit of interest in this material.

    1. They are from Montessori Print Shop, and very helpful in sparking interest! :-)

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