Sunday, January 31, 2016

Montessori Showcase

It's been a very busy week!  The children have been working with a strong sense of independence while being receptive to new lessons as they master older ones.  Also, our classroom has seen a number of visitors of new families planning for next school year who are interested in learning more about our program.  We are eager to share our school and showcase the hallmarks of Montessori classrooms.

Counting numbers in Russian.

Logical Adverb agreements.

Logical Adjective agreements.

Zipper Frame practice.

Counting, quantity, and concept of zero: Spindle Boxes.

Gross motor control:  Tossing a bean bag into the basket and jumping over the rope.  Fun!

Multiples of five: Multiplication Bead Bars

Addition facts with the Addition Strip Board.

Practicing letter sounds and symbols with the Language Step Board.

Preparing the hand for writing while experiencing smooth and rough textures: Smooth and Rough Boards.

Comparing Land and Water Forms (strait/isthmus) to their cards.

Writing practice with Rainbow Letters.

Continued reading and writing practice with the Reading Drawers material.

Beginning stages of making Layers of the Earth booklets.

Understanding teen numbers with the Teen Bead Hanger.

Building concentration and fine motor control with weaving.

Symbolizing phrases with Grammar Symbols.

Addition with the Snake Game.

A fun sequence and drawing activity for Valentine's Day.

Pairing fabrics using only the tactile sense (the child is blindfolded).

Memorization of subtractions facts using the Subtraction Strip Board.

Sorting images into Land/Air/Water categories.

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