Saturday, March 29, 2014


I've been relishing my time at the annual American Montessori Society conference in Dallas, TX and forgot to post last week's photos!  Actually, most of them are from the previous week because we had yet another snow day and a teacher workday last week.  In any case, there are some interesting pictures of activities from around the classroom.

Making shamrock shapes by stamping green peppers - so simple, but the children loved this!

Drawing flags of the world and writing the names of the countries.

'Shamrocks and Lucky Pennies' for a Cards and Counters variation.

Exploring with the Pink Tower.

Paring the sides of Geometric Solids.

Reading practice with the Vowel Tree.

Practicing letter recognition and sounds with the Language Step Board.

Making small arrangements of flowers for our classroom.  

Tracing shapes for a sensorial experience with the Geometric Demonstration Tray.

March calendar work.

Transferring rice and beans with a spoon.

Pink Tower and Brown Stair extension work.

Visual discrimination of length with the Red Rods.

Static subtraction with the Golden Beads.

Feeling differing weights of quantity:  "Five feels heavier that one!"

"Look, I combined my lessons!"
An extension activity with the Cards and Counters lesson: Tracing numbers and coloring the quantity.

Pin-pushing: Map of the World

Weaving with paper.

Springtime colors!

Number sequencing and recognition with the Math Step Board.

We added beads to one of our sewing drawers - the children have been enjoying this new variation.

Understanding teen numbers and place value with the Teen Beads and Boards.

Timeline of Seasons.

Visual discrimination of size with the red set of Knobless Cylinders.


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  2. Ooooh, loving the timeline of seasons!

    It's hard to believe your class is already rounding into the end of the school year! So much great work has been completed, it's so much fun for me to pop in here to see their progress.

  3. Thanks, Heather. I too, was just thinking, "How can we be coming into the home stretch?"